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Cable Recycling Machine for sale

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Cable Recycling Machine for sale                                            800kgph cable Granulator
General Description Of  Cable Granulator
This machine used for crushing all different copper cable, the feeding material can be
Different automotive wires, motorcycle lines, Battery Bicycle wires,TV wires, washing machines and refrigerator wires, air conditioners and other household appliances wires, telecommunications wires, computer wires.
During the processing,first crushing cable ,then separate copper and plastic.
Features Of  Cable Granulator
(1). High automatic degree, 2 persons are enough for operating.
(2). High hardness and wear resistance material of knife.
(3). Environmental friendly, no waste water, waste smoke, no dust pollution.
(4). The overall modular structure made it convenient to transportation and installation.
(5). Any improvement are under the considering of convenient maintenance and easy operate.
(6). Reasonable structure design of feeding and discharging system on electrostatic separator made the whole machine run with stable performance and long lifespan.
Cable Granulator Production Line
It's  minaly composed of 10 major machine in the whole production line
1 Feeding conveyor
2 Copper wire crusher
3 Output conveyor for mixing copper and plastic
4 Magnetic system
5 Dust Collector.
6 Blower
7 Gravity Separator
8 Plastic conveyor
9 Copper conveyor
10 Vibiration screen*2
The whole production line has unique structure,big process capacity and low power consumption.With high separation rate,the separation is conducted by several parts.This equipment has not only improved the purity of copper,but also reduced the pollution to the environment.
After-Sales Service
1.We can send our technical engineer to customer's site to guide installation,commissioning,
training operators;
2.Three Guarantees,one year warranty (except normal wear, wearing parts and the damaged parts caused by improper operation),in the warranty period if the equipment malfunction, our company ensure to arrive at the scene timely after received a phone calling, trouble shooting, guarantee the customer's normal production.
3.We follow up the equipment operation at regular intervals to promote the customer benefit maximization.
Different Cable For Cable GranulatorCable Recycling Machine for sale



Вы здесь » ~J-Rock~ » Комнаты » Cable Recycling Machine for sale