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prime watch party

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Like other streaming extensions like Hulu and Netflix, now you have another amazing one named the Amazon Prime Watch Party extension. No wonder Prime Watch Party extension performs similarly to Netflix and Hulu watch Party extensions. And that lets you stream your favorite shows, movies, series, short films, etc., from a wide range of libraries. But to make it happen, you need to download and install this add-on free Amazon Prime Watch Party extension to your laptop/PC.
Once you install the extension, you can start streaming even with your distant family and friends. More precisely, the Amazon Prime Watch Party is a web extension that syncs the video playback of all the watch party members. So the other watch party members can stream the same thing without difficulty. Moreover, it has several unique features, including HD streaming that enables the real-life experience. Another feature is Group Chat which allows you to converse with other watch-party members while streaming videos. The next one is Global accessibility which enables streaming videos to people worldwide.
And the last one is Profile Personalization which you can use to make changes to your profile by adding cool and different icons and avatars. The one important thing about Amazon Prime Watch Party is it doesn't require any "sign up" or "login" process. Install and pin the extension to enjoy the stream at Prime Watch Party. Then, log in to your Prime Video account and apply the Search, Play, and Pause options. Last, end it by Launching the Extension and Join In into the Prime Watch Party. And that’s how you can begin streaming videos at Amazon Prime Watch Party with your friends and family.
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Вы здесь » ~J-Rock~ » Надо знать » prime watch party