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This is a Inflatable Camping Sleeping Pad.It is a diamond-shaped trachea design, which is not only supportive but also easy to circulate air. The multi-trachea design of this sleeping pad can disperse the support, which is comfortable and soft, and the support is strong, which can disperse the pressure and make lying down more comfortable.
This Inflatable Camping Sleeping Pad is suitable for outdoor camping, home, business travel and other scenes. This sleeping pad is made of nylon TPU fabric and TPU sealing coating, double-layer composite lamination process. It is easy to store, small in size, light in weight and more convenient to carry. It features a double-layer air valve for quick inflation and deflation. The first layer contains a one-way inflation system to prevent air leakage, and the second layer can be quickly deflated when opened. If used with an inflatable bag, it can make inflation easier.
1. Sleep comfortably. Fine fleece fabric 5CM thickness, warm and skin-friendly, thick and comfortable. Fine workmanship, exquisite and practical. There are non-slip mesh points on the bottom, which can increase friction and avoid slipping. This design ensures a comfortable sleep.
2. Quick disassembly. Fast inflation, free splicing. One-piece air pillow, independent inflation, comfortable sleep. Adjust the pillow height freely.
3. Easy to carry. Sturdy and durable, easy to carry. It can also be used in the car to cure the fatigue of long-distance running.
How to use the inflatable bag: Open the first layer of the air valve and the air bag inflation port, align the inflation port on the inflation valve, fully inhale the air bag, roll up the air bag mouth, and press the air bag to make the air go to sleep. Pad, repeat several times to complete the inflation.
Travel is meant to be a process of relaxation. It doesn't need to be luxurious, but it also needs to be comfortable. So I highly recommend such an Inflatable Camping Sleeping Pad. Whether it's a day trip or camping, a good rest is guaranteed.
Item:Inflatable Camping Sleeping Pad
Material:40D Nylon+TPU
Capacity:1 person
Dampproof Mat Type:Mattress
LOGO:Accept Customized Logo
Sport Type:Backpacking, Camping, Hiking
Shipping & Delivery:Ningbo port or Shanghai port
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