Some have D2R Items been swarming with creatures. If you can clear them, you'll be able to get them back to a safe area for Sanctuary. Other characters from the game will be visible and you'll have the chance to complete side quests, additional dungeons can be discovered as a result, and the strongholds will continue to change because of your actions to your character throughout.

Fergusson: It's interesting. When you're playing, strongholds are an RPG sense, instances when basically it's private. Therefore, when you're brought to a stronghold, or when you are attempting to clear the stronghold, it's a private moment. Therefore, you enter with your party and you go and fight. If you are victorious, the room transforms into a social space.

Then it's an actual town, which is what Joe was just saying, it could be the town, it could be a dungeon, it may be a new place to teleport to--but now the other players can be there as well. That's why that notion of exploring and finding all these private strongholds that turn into social areas which offer you a chance to help navigate the world--new gear and a loop of a dungeonor other types of things. It's a good approach to buy D2R Ladder Items alter the world while playing.